Rain on your wedding day? Try kidney stones and snow. While I was supposed to be getting ready, I was in Urgent Care. With kidney stones. During a blizzard.

I've photographed about 293 weddings (for real!) and I can definitely say that mine was the most stressful. But what it taught me was that even in that chaos, the moments and memories are what matters. Is the memory of urgent care a good one? Nah. But the ones my photographer got for us: an image of my brother thoughtfully holding my dress out of the snow, my dad and I cringing about dancing in front of people while dancing in front of people, and the moment I realized my husband shaved his weird beard into an adorable mustache just for me – those are how I choose to remember and celebrate that day.

I approach every wedding knowing that my job is what keeps your memories alive for you. I will catch every moment. I will make every shot count. I'm a stickler for a schedule and the details. Hiring me means hiring peace of mind. I'll bring everything I got to your day.

Alanis Morissette should have written a song about my wedding day!

What does an effortless experience look like? It looks like you starry-eyed and stupid in love, taking every moment in, actually getting a chance to breathe and be with the people who matter most to you. It looks like all the passion, all the feels, all the ease of you just being you and doing what you do. You can rely on me from start to finish, not just as a vendor, but as a trusted teammate. You’ll get all of the pictures you want plus I’m dedicated to saving you time to celebrate. The big idea is for you to not have to do shit. Just love. Just be. Just trust me and my camera to be your memory.

So what does an effortless experience look like?

Get wild, party like a lunatic, or melt into a puddle. This day is all about youuuuu! My job is to never let you forget that. I’ll have the schedule memorized, all the shots you want locked and loaded, and I’ll have your back like I was your favorite sweater! I promise (THIS I PROMISE YOUUUU! -NSYNC) to balance playfulness and professionalism. You just focus on your balance. 

I’m calm and collected so you don’t have to be.

I. Got. You.

I’ll introduce you if you’re not already acquainted and we’ll get through this together. I want you to feel like you’re out on a date, just hanging out, being your wonderful, weird selves, and I just happen to be tagging along. I love giving couples a cue and then watching them interact and make their own magic. Slow-mo kisses, ridiculous inside jokes, your own sappy style of romance — it’s all safe, no judgment here. It’s easier than you might imagine to set the mood. I just create space for you to be yourselves.

Awkwardness is a 
dear friend of mine.