It’s hard to be in front of the camera almost nude with a complete stranger, but I make the process as easy as I can for you. I help you every step of the way, posing next to you to help you get in the right spot, letting you know to move your head left, right, up, or down to where the light is hitting right. And then I capture that magic of you in the moment.

“When I got my pictures, I couldn’t even believe it was me! Liz made me look like a goddamn GODDESS. I felt so good about myself after the whole experience and would definitely do it all over again. I highly recommend booking with Liz!”

Then we’ll go upstairs and look over the outfits you brought and start with what you’re most comfortable in. After a few songs on my boudoir playlist (which I’m very proud of) and a few laughs, you’ll be so warmed up and time will FLY by during your session. Our goal is to make you feel like your most beautiful self! 

Mimosas and makeup first, obviously.

“OMG girl!!! I had so much fun doing this, and they look soooo good. Thank you, I’m crying!!!”

“Omggg!!! I am in shock, I’ve never seen myself this way before!!”

“These are GORGEOUS! I’m blown away, thank you so much Liz!!!”


Let your inner boss ass bitch out.