All of you

The genuine, quirky, sarcastic, unique love you share. BIG moments + quiet ones. Sneaky kisses + saucy ass grabs. Hidden tears + gut-busting laughs.

of it.

Gimme your love in motion. I’ll capture it as if it’s a living, breathing thing. Gimme your honest, truest self. Don’t hold back (because I won’t!).

I shoot like a photojournalist, focusing on unposed moments, with a little side of “what makes parents happy.” You’ll get it all, and you won’t have to worry about a damn thing.

...You’re right, I do.

“Helllll yeah,
   this girl
gets it!”

and other secrets I shouldn’t say out loud.

I might love my dog more than people...

Not a narcissist,
I just want you to trust that I’m legit. Here
are some real words from real humans.

“Liz is every bride’s dream for a perfect photographer,
brides and grooms you’ve found your perfect match!”

“[Liz is] incredibly flexible,” “really natural,” “organic.”

“I never felt like I had to hold my composure around her or couldn't be myself.” 

“[Liz is] ninja-like!” “calming and professional,” “super responsive,” “incredibly supportive.”

“There is no one better to share these moments with, for the professionalism and for the genuine human interaction.”